Sherry Devine Designs

About Sherry

Sherry began her career in fashion design at the tender age of five. Creating patterns and clothes for her dolls was a childhood love. In her teen years, Sherry continued her design path by excelling in high school creative classes and contests.

During these early years, she knew that design was in her heart and inspired her to apply to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's fashion design program. Sherry's talents were quickly recognized by the school and they sent her to apprentice under the direction of handbag designer, Barbara Bolan, in New York City and Florence, Italy. There, Sherry gained much experience and was inspired with new ideas in her expression to create beautiful handbags.

Upon graduation from the Art Institute, this designer took an exciting position with clothing company IB Diffusion based in Chicago, IL. She was able to channel her creative talents and energy into high-quality knit sweaters. Her many trips to the Orient assisted her knowledge of color, design, textiles, construction, etc.

Upon attaining this wonderful experience in Chicago, Sherry decided to take her knowledge and abilities to the next level. She accepted a designer position with a sweater company, Regent International, in New York City. At this company, she utilized her skills and talent to her fullest potential by providing expert design work on sweaters and knits and by traveling extensively to the Orient, Europe, and Canada.

Now a wife and mother of three active children, Sherry has found that all of these years of experience have brought her back to her true passion for handbags. She enjoys working with beautiful fabrics, handles, and shapes, thus creating the final product of exquisite handbags. All of Sherry Devine Designs' handbags have her personal mark. Every purse that carries the Sherry Devine Designs label was designed and handmade by the designer herself and are created exclusively in her home studio, in a smoke free environment. Her desire is to have each and every customer experience her creations with complete satisfaction and gratification. Experience today the Sherry Devine Designs handbag created for you!!